Roofing & general construction

What's new projects?

Residental roofing
100,000 sq. ft. roof & siding - Oakwood park development
Comercial flat roofing
1st Constitution bank - 25 000 sq. ft E.P.D.M. system
Industrial roofing
 Perrigo corp. - 30 000 sq. ft. hot tar 2 ply


In every building's life there is a time when it is necessary to remove the old layers of roofing whether it be just one or several. Things to consider may be: weight loads, need to repair the deck, wet insulation or roofing substrate. When your roof can no longer be repaired BSG Group LLC can design and install the best roofing system to fit your buildings needs.

We will come out and inspect your roof, take core cuts (samples), photograph and make drawings of your roof so that you, the customer, will know exactly what condition your roof is in and how we can best handle the project. We will discuss if your building needs a complete removal and replacement or if we can install a new roof over the existing







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